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Our Coaches

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Andrew Boimila

Andrew started his fitness career in traditional martial arts, training in a hybrid style for over 20 years and obtaining his 5th degree black belt. He continued on to train in MMA at Lauzon MMA, Muay Thai, Judo, and kickboxing. Then he was introduced to obstacle course racing and he immediately fell in love. “There is no greater feeling than crossing that finish line”, he says. In college he studied architecture and design, which is where his love of graphic design started to grow. Now he enjoys crushing a Fran or pumping out handstand push-ups. Next up is the handstand walk!

Mary Boimila

Mary started her fitness journey with 11 years of soccer where she had excellent success as a goalie. She also spent 7 years as a competitive cheerleader traveling around the country on a national grand campion Co-Ed team. During college she was introduced to yoga, and she continues to regularly practice in the style of vinyasa. Mary plans to go for her 200-hour yoga teacher training. Mary recently received her Masters in Business Administration. Now she is often found working on her handstand walk, crushing some overhead squats, and teaching someone a yoga arm balance or inversion.

Carla Petruzziello

Carla was introduced to Crossfit in 2014, after she began to challenge herself by participating in obstacle races, like Tough Mudder and the Spartan Race. Her entire life, Carla has been involved in physical activities; being a cheerleader, swimmer and softball player throughout high school. As an adult, Carla took on new endeavors by taking up running and becoming totally obsessed with high intensity training. Crossfit was the next logical step in her fitness journey (and she was immediately hooked!). Outside of the box, during the day, Carla is changing lives as a reading teacher for children. She is also an avid yogi, crushing arm balances 4 times a week. Inside the box, at night and on weekends, you can find her sweating through WODs and pushing athletes to achieve their goals!

Courtney Ahern

Courtney was first introduced to CrossFit in 2013 while looking for ways to stay in shape during her senior year of college at Holy Cross. Having been a competitive dancer her whole life, Courtney was excited to try a new form of fitness. However, what started off as a means to get fit turned into so much more as she continued her CrossFit journey. CrossFit ultimately guided her in her professional career as she took on a job at the Reebok Headquarters in 2014 where she continues to work on the Affiliate Team servicing CrossFit affiliate across the U.S. Over two years later, Courtney is even more passionate about CrossFit and is excited to share her love for the sport with the CFT community!